Meet our 2023-2024 Officers

Michael Wu


Hey! I’m Michael and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Science. I have been working with Inventor and 3D printers for many years in FTC and some personal projects. I love designing and building custom printers so I’d love to talk or answer questions about the technical components. Last year at WOOF3D, I led the Jubilee project where my team helped build some cool machines for a new MSE lab to run material synthesis automation.

Nathaneal Bursch

Project Manager

I’m Nathan, a junior in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve worked with 3D printers for several years and have lots of experience with 3D printing and modeling. I’ve dealt with a wide range of printers and modeling software, so I can hopefully help if you have questions about anything 3D printing related. Last year, as a part of WOOF3D, I worked on Big Blue, our club’s very large format 3D printer.

Jaclyn Chen

Outreach Director

Hey, I’m Jaclyn! I’m a junior studying Computer Science, and I have experience working with Fusion360, Enders, and Prusas. At WOOF3D, I was the project lead for the Casting Project with the goal of converting topographic data to a 3D-printed model and then to an aluminum-casted model. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!  

Adit Gupta


Hey! I'm Adit, a senior studying Computer Science, and am exited to be an officer for this year! I have experience 3D printing with Enders and Prusas, and also have 3D modeling experience in SketchUp and Onshape. I was the project lead for the 3D Scanning project last year so if you have any questions about that or want to get involved this year, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.

Sky Song

Technical Operation Manager (TOM)

Hi! I’m Sky and I’m a senior in Mechanical Engineering. I enjoy engineering stuff - mainly use engineering methods to solve problems ranging from 3D printing parts for my workspace at home to building myself an automated garden (in progress). I built my first 3D printer from a kit 5 year ago and have enjoyed 3D printing since then. I have experience in 3D printing, 3D modeling, and some programming. In my spare time, I play Kerbal Space Program and Microsoft Flight Simulator for fun. I will be managing the operation of the WOOF space (our RSO space @ the 8) this year.

Kyle Wong


Hi! I'm Kyle, currently a junior studying mechanical engineering. I have experience 3D modeling mainly with solidworks and fusion 360. Last year I was part of the RC car project building a RC car mainly out of 3d printed parts. I love hearing about new prints and project ideas so feel free to send me a message.

Marcus Drienyovszky

Education Lead

Hey! I’m Marcus, a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering. This is my second year in WOOF3D, and my first year as an officer. Last year I led the Fossils Project Team. My team and I collaborated with Dr. Jim Chatters of the Burke Museum to repair and print his recently scanned fossil files from the El Hoyo Negro cave sight in Mexico. I am excited to help create and lead workshops this year and learn a lot in the process! 

Giang Pham

Tech Lead

Hi, I’m Giang, a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering and this is my second year with this club. I have quite some experience working with Enders and 3D modeling on Fusion360 - from small fidget toys to parts for big projects. Last year I was a part of building Big Blue, a large format 3D printer. If you have any questions regarding the technical side of 3D printing, feel free to contact me.

Oliver Wu

Communication Director

Hi! I'm Oliver, a Junior studying Psychology with a Data Science minor. I have experience in Fusion 360 as well as translating them into Unity to use in writing videogames. Last year at WOOF3D, I led the casting project which experimented with casting techniques and cast 3D-printed model into aluminum model. Please reach out if you have any questions.