Precious Plastics

Goal: Design and print products that PPP can then sell at the bookstore after manufacturing them from recycled plastics. We will be designing products that can be printed, as well as creating molds that can be used by the injection machine. Goal will be to have finished products by Earth day for PPP to display! (April 20th)

Results: Our client, Precious Plastics, moved a lot slower than we would have liked and only have two of the four machines required: The Shredder and the Extruder. Since they still do not have the injection molder, the team was not able to make any products. However, they have successfully made the prototypes and were in the process of designing the necessary molds by the end of the year. PPP is getting us the funding for mold materials now, so that should be purchased and ready to go by the end of the quarter. Next year the team will make the mold and they will use their new injection molder to make products.